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Leading a Community of LIsteners

I recently had the pleasure to meet an outstanding morning show, Bell Media’s Majic 100/Ottawa Morning Show, which calls itself “Majic Mornings with Stuntman Stu and Angie Poirier.  They are joined by their news personality, Trish for most of their segments.   The show is going to be a big winner for several reasons, but what really stands out is their commitment to their audience both on AND off the air.   They have an appreciation for their listeners and understand that their job is to be involved in their lives.   They are everywhere in the market, hosting events, appearing and fundraisers, donating their time.  They are involved in their community and their audience’s lives.  Shortly after meeting them, I started following Stu on Twitter and it was as if the show continues 24 hours a day.  He consistently tweets interesting, relevant content with his unique perspective and personality.  He never tries to “sell” his followers on listening to the radio show, but  passes on content that leads them to the show when appropriate.  This is an art, and he’s terrific with it.    Stu’s Blog is a further extension of his personality and character, hosting even more content on a different platform.

Angie is on Twitter too.  She doesn’t tweet as often as Stu, but she is on-point, and very consistent with her personality.  Perhaps most importantly, both Stu and Angie respond to their followers.  They don’t just push out content…they interact with them.  If you follow Stu, he will immedia

tely follow you back.  He cares, and that matters.  A lot.  Check out Majic’s Facebook Page.   The show posts there, interacting with the station’s fans daily….but they also maintain their own Facebook presence.  Here’s  Stu’s Facebook page, he has more content there as well.  Each medium is used differently, and all with the listener’s experience in mind.  Listening and interacting with this show is like being at a party they are hosting, where they are insuring that every guest feels connected, important and is having a great time.

The show hasn’t been together long, just a few months.  Working with their PD, Brian DePoe, they are already on the way to success.   After listening to the show, and taking into account all that they are involved with, you get the feeling that this is a show backed by a huge staff to crank out this much content and activity.  It’s not.  It’s just Stu and Angie, with Trish (who also serves in a news role with the company), and their producer, Barry.

It’s not easy.  It’s not a 3 or 4 hour a day job.  It’s a passion.  They are more than just a radio show.  It’s a little band of local Ottawa celebrities making an impact on their audience, one of which is on their morning radio show.   And that’s what it takes to win.

You can listen to the show here

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  1. August 12, 2011 at 3:42 pm


    Thanks so much for the kind words about our show!!

  2. Angie
    August 12, 2011 at 5:03 pm

    Wow Tracy,

    we really appreciate the support and that is a huge compliment coming from someone as talented as you in this field… Thanks again, Angie

  3. Sherrie Guthrie
    August 12, 2011 at 10:35 pm

    Thank you for recognizing talent when you see it. We are very lucky to have such an amazing team on our majic morning show.

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