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The Dog Days

In baseball, they call August the Dog Days of Summer.  It’s the toughest month of the year.  The weather is hot, the players are tired and often banged up.  Fans are on vacation.  It’s not quite September yet.  And a lot of teams are coming to terms that they are “out” of the championship race.

It’s almost as difficult for morning shows.  Audience response declines.  Listeners aren’t as engaged.  Personalities take vacations.

Don’t get lazy!  As in baseball, it’s a grind.  But audience impressions are being formed every single time you open the mic.  You may have to work harder to cause the phone to ring.   But your competitors are probably “mailing it in” and not saving their best material for September, when everything returns to “normal”.

A reporter once asked Joe Dimaggio why he played so hard every day, regardless of the importance of the game.  His response:  “Because you never know when someone will be in the stands watching me play for the first time”.

Use this challenging month to your advantage.  Never let up!



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