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Hosting a Party

Everyone loves a party,and at one time or another you’ve probably been the host of a party.  A “good” party is directly correlated to the amount of time and effort the host puts into planning, preparing, paying attention to details and promoting – yes, promoting – the party to guests.

It’s a lot of work to host a party.  You have to prepare a guest list.  Develop a theme.  Plan the entertainment.  Design your decorations.  Send the invitations.  Hire a caterer.   Handle the RSVPs.  Follow up on those who don’t respond.  Call and remind guests when the party is taking place, make sure they are coming and who they are bringing.  Arrange for parking.  During the party, you have to make sure they are having a great time.  Then, you clean up.  The list of details is extensive.

Every day, you host a party on the air.  You have a lot to plan each day.

Invitations:  Are you inviting your listeners to your show?  Do you build anticipation with specific, direct promos and teases?  Do you tell them exactly when to listen and why it will be a benefit?  Do you email them?  Tweet them?  Is there a guide to your show on your web site?

Entertainment:  Fun doesn’t just “happen” by itself.  It must be planned, and the entertainment must match your theme.  How have you targeted your content, delivery and presentation to fit your guest’s mood?  Does it makes sense?  Is it appropriate?  Is it appealing to your guest list?

Decorations:  Little things make a big difference in setting a tone.  Are you using production effects properly?  Does it accent your party or does it overwhelm in an obnoxious way?

RSVPs:  You’ve sent the invitations, but that doesn’t mean anyone is showing up.  You have to follow up, create appointment tune in moments and constantly remind them that the party is happening, because your guests have other things they could be doing.

Hosting:  The party is not for you.  It’s for them.  Your job is to give them a great experience.  Do this well and  guests will love the host and look forward to the next party (tomorrow).

Buzz:  What is the ONE THING that the guests will talk about tomorrow?  What will happen at your party that makes it memorable?

Clean Up:  As soon as the party is over, clean up begins.  It’s over.  Time to start planning the next one.  And sending out new invitations.  But before you do, you might want to review today’s party and consider how tomorrow’s can be better.

Your guests’ enthusiasm for your event will only be as great as your attention to planning and detail.  It’s a lot of work to take care of the details to insure an event is a success.  Don’t take it for granted and expect them to just “find” you.

  1. April 19, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    GREAT analogy. Think about BAD parties. You don’t stick around and if you threw great parties in the past and think you can get by on your reputation think again. Throw a few bad parties and the word will get out and people will seek and FIND better parties.

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